About Me

Who am I?  And why in the world am I starting another blog?

You may (or may not) know me from my other blog: Eclectic Alli, where I indulge and explore various interests of mine – particularly reading and writing.

If you don’t know me from there, well, I’m Allison. I like to read, write, hang out with friends, learn history, and am totally in love with sparkly-shiny-pretty things. Yup, I’m a girl who goes camping in a skirt.

Camping at the lake!
Camping at the lake!

I’ve always loved fun dresses, bright colors, sparkles (and glitter!) and generally “girly” things.  But I have three brothers, a younger sister who never really went into the girly-girl stuff, and a Mom who didn’t know much about it herself. I learned to sew, but makeup, nail-care, fancy-hair-care and all that stuff was pretty foreign to me.

Fast forward from childhood into adulthood and you have me, a mid-30-something that still loves many of the same things and still remains pretty clueless on those “girly-grown-up” things. I have slowly been learning things like how to use makeup, but things like nail-care had remained a mystery.  I got the (very) occasional pedicure or manicure, and they rarely lasted me very long.  For at-home care I knew very very very little.

Then I met Jamberry… and I’m a bit obsessed now.  I love this product (and am a consultant, so, if you want to learn more just let me know and I’m more than happy to share), and it’s started me down this path of really paying attention to my nails — learning about what all those different tools in the mani-pedi set actually are for, and exploring different ways to help myself have healthy, happy (and sparkly) nails!

And that is the purpose of Eclectic Nails — to help provide those nail-care answers that come up (especially those ones it seems like everyone “just knows” but that completely baffled me to start), to share some of the exciting new products that Jamberry introduces (and mourn when ones I love are being retired), and to have a good time.

That’s a bit about me for you — nice to meet you, hope to see you around the blog!

Allison Gammons, Independant Jamberry Consultant