Disney Collection by Jamberry

When the temperature starts rising….

It’s supposed to be HOT this weekend… this is a conservative forecast from weather.gov:


Most are actually saying we’re supposed to be in the low 100’s Saturday and Sunday.  I know some places are used to this kind of heat but… I am NOT a fan.  Not one bit.  Think I’m going to have to find myself a Coffee Shop to set up in and do some writing and work there, in the nice, sweet Air conditioning.

Also, I will dream of living in snow-bound lands… aided by the promise of new wraps!  Disney Collection by Jamberry is this great collaboration between Disney and Jamberry!  The second round of wraps was announced and made available recently and, today, we get a special surprise – a new addition to the Disney Collection by Jamberry family!!


I’m one of those people who just LOVES Disney musicals (well, almost all musicals, really). And Disney’s Frozen was an especially awesome one — so I’m hoping to beat the heat this weekend a little bit by re-watching the movie and placing an order for these guys.13310467_10153638749637215_1392705736161308716_n  2016-06-03_08-10-25Imagining pairing Melt My Heart with Thumper from the Disney Bambi set?
Thank goodness these are now Buy 3 Get 1, because I KNOW some purchasing is going to have to happen!

What combo’s would you like to try out?  I’d love to hear your suggestions!



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