Three Things Thursday

Three Things Thursday – Storms and Sparkles!

My friend Nerd In The Brain hosts a great weekly blog line-up on her blog This Nerd’s Life every week. Three Things Thursday that made you smile in the week. I’ve been a pretty regular participant over on Eclectic Alli, so I might as well also participate here with my more nail-related items (well, and probably some non-nail related as well).

1. I did my toes! My toenails are a bit of an ordeal, they very much have been overlooked over the years… but I spent some time this week with the cuticle remover and really cleaned them up and gave then a fresh new look!

Love the toes, don't mind the dirty bus-floor background...
Atlantis and Sapphire make my toes sparkle!

2. We’re approaching June and it seems like summer may be deciding it’s time to be here. My feet hate being confined by sneakers so I’m exciting about the arrival of sandals weather! Even if that weather is punctuated by the occasional set of stormy looking clouds – actually, it’s the stormy skies that I really like! This is Oregon after all, it’s to be expected!

Stormy Skies while I waited for the bus one day this week. It didn’t actually end up raining on me though!

3. In addition to the new look on my toes I gave my fingers a new look at! I’d been doing some pretty average man’s, using the same wrap for all my nails… but I decided it was time to mix things up, and I love the results!



Just one sparkle.... but I suppose I make up for it with my toes!
Latte Love, With a Kiss, combine nicely with a previous months Stylebox and the retired Bookwork!


What made you smile this week?



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