Imperfect and Beautiful

One of the things that comes up a lot when talking about posting pictures of nails and nail art is the condition of the hands. One piece, in particular, bothers me: the high criticism of dry cuticles.

I adore Jamberry’s cuticle oil, and carry the pen with me everywhere… but even with the vast improvement it makes for me, my cuticles still have a tendency to have dry moments. Does this mean I shouldn’t take “nailfies”?

You may notice that some of the pictures that cycle through my header art, and some of the nail pictures that I share are not the most perfect pictures.  Sometimes my cuticles are a little dry, sometimes my application of the wraps could be a bit neater, and sometimes the lacquer has left the nail and ended up on my skin (thank goodness that usually the lacquers was off the skin pretty easily when I take my morning shower!  If I paint them the night before I’m okay).

And, you know what… this is on purpose.  I share imperfect pictures because I am imperfect (quite imperfect). These pictures are accurate reflections of my nails in those moments and I am proud of them.  I love the designs I’ve been able to put on them, I love the way they look. Sometimes they look amazing, and sometimes they just look so-so, but I am proud of them every single time.

I share those pictures because I am proud of this beautiful part of me, I love how I can share my creativity through my nails. It isn’t perfect, but life seldom is. And I am a strong believer that we have to embrace these imperfections!

Before and After regular cuticle oil use.  But I was just as proud to share the “before” picture at the time as I was the “after.”



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